Top 50 Civil Engineering Blogs မွေရြးခ်ယ္ေဖာ္ျပထားတဲ့ ျမိဳ ့ျပအင္ဂ်င္နီယာဆိုင္ရာ Top 50 Civil Engineering Blogs မ်ားကို ျပန္လည္မ်ွေ၀လိုက္ပါတယ္။

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Some of the most interesting and dynamic jobs out there are in the field of engineering. And some of the most interesting jobs in engineering are in the area of civil engineering. Civil engineers do interesting work, and make a good salary. Civil engineering encompasses a number of interesting projects, from designing freeway overpasses to constructing the latest hiking path in a national park. If you are interested in learning more about civil engineering, here are 50 blogs that can provide you with interesting insight:

Design and Construction

If you are interested in planning projects and overseeing their completion, these blogs can help you learn more about how the whole process works.
  1. From the Ground Up: A look at civil engineering from a European perspective. Great look at design and construction.
  2. Bridging the Gap: This young civil engineer offers perspective on building in Chicago.
  3. The Constructor: Civil engineering blog offers a look at different aspects for design and construction.
  4. Land Development Engineering: A look at different aspects of land design and development.
  5. Blueprint America: A great blog on what’s happening in infrastructure design and construction.
  6. WaterSISWEB: Learn more about designing water systems and how they are constructed.
  7. Infrastructurist: A look at design and construction, and the latest trends in civil engineering and infrastructure.
  8. BLDGBLOG: This blog looks at different civil engineering design and construction issues, tools and tips.
  9. Sanitation Updates: Learn more about sanitation design from a global civil engineering perspective.
  10. The Urbanophile: Looks at city design and construction, and new ideas for the future.
  11. RoadLogic: Great insights on design and construction of roads in Ontario, Canada.
  12. A look at civil engineering from an urban perspective.
  13. The Engineering Daily: News from across all fields of engineering, including civil engineering. Informative and helpful in terms of helping civil engineers see how their field intersects with others.

Research, Planning and Policy

Before you can design and build something, you need to understand its impacts, and whether it fits where you are putting it. These blogs offer helpful insight into the research and planning that go into civil engineering projects.
  1. Our Failing Infrastructure: A look at research and public policy as it relates to our infrastructure and what can be done to improve it.
  2. FastLane: The U.S. Department of Transportation offers a look at transportation policy. A great resource for civil engineers.
  3. The Dirt: A look at the future of civil engineering, and what options we have moving forward, from a civil engineering consultant.
  4. BOSS International: Looks at different subjects related to the development of civil engineering and the future.
  5. Transportation Experts: A look at transportation planning and research into how to make our infrastructure more efficient.
  6. Infrastructure Watch: Considers infrastructure planning and research. Helps you keep up with what’s happening in the world of civil engineering.
  7. Public Works Group: A look at policy, land management and civil engineering. Great place for research and planning ideas.
  8. Project for Public Spaces: A place for civil engineers and urban policy wonks to discuss policy, share ideas and look at research related to the future.
  9. Next American City: A look at infrastructure and building policy, and full of planning ideas for the budding civil engineer.
  10. The Infra Blog: Follow policy, infrastructure research, and planning related to what keeps America going.
  11. Municipal Musings: Looks at policy related to urban planning and civil engineering.
  12. Transportation for America: Looks at civil engineering, public policy and offers research for future solutions.
  13. Goodspeed Update: Get interesting news on planning, research and the future of civil engineering in an urban environment.
  14. Peter Gordon’s Blog: Explore the connections between urban planning/civil engineering and economics. Also concerns itself with policy.

Sustainable and Green

One rapidly growing segment of civil engineering is the environmentally sustainable aspects of engineering and building. Get the latest on green civil engineering.
  1. UrbanWorkbench: Looks at how it is possible to design urban spaces in a sustainable manner. Green civil engineering at its best.
  2. The Green Civil Engineer: This civil engineer has a number of ideas on how to make our world a greener place.
  3. Sasha on the Street: This Candian’s passion is transportation — and sustainability. A great look at sustainable infrastructure.
  4. WaterWired: This “hydrophilathropist” looks at ways that civil engineering can be more water friendly.
  5. Harvesting Rainwater: Inventive and interesting ways that civil engineers are helping the environment through eco-friendly architecture.
  6. Connected Urban Development: Considers the impacts that we have on the environment and addresses urban planning and civil engineering issues.
  7. openalex: This blog on sustainable development offers insights on how we can engage in more environmentally friendly engineering.
  8. Green Building Law Update: Keep up with what is happening in the world of sustainable building and engineering.
  9. Planetizen: Focuses on civil engineering and urban planning from a green perspective.
  10. The Livable Blog: Focuses on building and civil engineering as it relates to sustainability.
  11. LIVE: An up to date look at improvements to building design for sustainable living.
  12. Sustainable Cities and Transport: Learn more about how to make civil engineering projects greener for more sustainable living.
  13. Jetson Green: A look at green building trends and sustainable engineering.

Teaching, Support and Management

Passing on skills is an important part of civil engineering. Here are some great blogs that offer insight on teaching and managing the next generation of civil engineers.
  1. Being Civil: A helpful blog that offers support for Civil 3D users. A great resource for keeping your skills sharp.
  2. BIM on the Rocks: Keep up with what is happening in the world of civil engineering, including helpful AutoCAD tips.
  3. 4D Planning: Elise Bright, a professor at Texas A&M offers insight into civil engineering and urban planning.
  4. Veritas et Venusta: This “recovering architect” offers insight on career options, planning, development and building.
  5. Between the Lines: A look at what’s happening in the world of civil engineering software, including news and tips related to Autodesk, AustoCAD, CAD, and more.
  6. Daily AutoCAD: More about AutoCAD. How to use different tricks to improve your civil engineering skills.
  7. AutoCAD Insider: Learn more about AutoCAD, how to use it, and find support and solid information.
  8. Angel’s Civil 3D Thoughts: Helpful hints and information about using AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  9. Civil 3D Reminders: Shortcuts and other helpful tricks to help you make better use of Civil 3D.
  10. Civil 3D Trix and Wishes: Insights and news related to using Civil 3D.


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